LGF 28-Day Beach-Ready Butt & Legs Challenge – Week 3

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Congratulations – you’re officially halfway through the 28-Day Beach-Ready Butt & Legs Challenge! By now you should be starting to really see and feel the difference, so keep it up!

As you can see, this week I’ve made a couple of changes to the challenge. I’ve switched out the 2-leg bridge for a 1-leg bridge – this is going to increase the degree of difficulty and add a lot more core into the exercise so the numbers have decreased a little. As with the lunges, I’ve given the total number of reps you’ll do. So for Day 15 you’ll do 15 left-leg and 15 right-leg.

I’ve also exchanged the 20-second wall sit for 20 seconds of high knees. If you are uncomfortable with high knees for any reason, please continue with the wall sit, but increase it to 30 seconds.

Need a refresher of how to perform each of the exercises? Check out my original post here.

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