Wrap Up of the LGF 28-Day Beach-Ready Butt & Legs Challenge

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28 days.
960 squats.
940 bridges.
1,720 lunges.
384 burpees.
3mins 20secs high knees.
3mins 20secs wall sit.



Congratulations on finishing the LGF Beach-Ready Butt & Legs Challenge! No doubt there were times that you felt like it was never going to end, like your quads were on fire, like you’d scream if you ever had to do one more squat, like you’d vomit if anyone even mentioned the word ‘burpee’ to you…. but you did it!

As with all LGF challenges, there are no miracles – you’ll need to put in the hard yards if you want to see the results. And that means combining the Challenge with a clean diet and a good total body exercise regime. If you did all of this you should be looking at stronger legs, a tighter butt and a leaner body right now – just in time for summer!

I hope you enjoyed the Challenge as much as I did, but more than that I hope you’re feeling an epic sense of satisfaction and pride right now – because if you made it through all 28 days then you are what we in the business call AWESOME. And if you didn’t quite make it? That’s ok too. Just dust yourself off and give it another shot!

So….. what shall we do next?

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