Christmas Gift Guide for Her

With Christmas a mere two weeks away, you’re likely to be sitting in one of two camps right now. You’re either a) feeling pretty smug as you survey all your neatly wrapped presents under the tree or b) you’re starting to panic.

This one’s for all those who are self-selecting into the b-camp.

I’ve pulled together a list of some of the best gift ideas I’ve come across in 2016. My theory is as follows: I’m female, and I love to keep fit and healthy, so other females who love to keep fit and healthy are bound to love this stuff too.

It’s a good theory. You should trust me on this.

1. Matthew Ely Rose Gold Innocence Necklace – RRP $490

2. Lululemon Game Day Top – RRP $89

3. LUSH Under the Mistletoe – RRP $56.95

4. New Balance Fresh Foam Gobi Trail Moon Phase – RRP $170

5. Trilogy Radiance & Recovery Gift Set – RRP $54.95

6. Ere Perez Real Rosehip Lipbar Life – RRP $21.95

7. Sunnylife Beach Umbrella Montauk – RRP $99.95

8. Pared Eyewear Cat & Mouse – RRP $250

9. Damselfly Mad But Magic XL Candle – RRP $49.95

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