The Only Workout You’ll Need These Holidays

Let’s be honest, December is not the best time of year for our health. With Christmas parties on every other night and many bootcamps beginning to wind down for the year, the ratio of good food and exercise to wine and hangover food starts to seesaw rapidly in the wrong direction.

You know what though? It’s summer, life is good and you shouldn’t have to miss out on all the fun. The trick is to commit to your workouts, and make sure you’re being as efficient as possible with them. And what does that mean? Higher intensity, less rest and shorter sessions. Not much to complain about with that, I’d say!

I’ve put together a simple but super high intensity workout for you to try if you’re up for it! There are videos of each movement for maximum clarity and it’ll take you just 15 minutes (!!!) but you’ve gotta work hard the whole time. Download a free interval timer from the app store now and get into it!

Here are the rules:
45 second work phase – 15 second rest phase – 3 sets – no rest between sets.

5 squat jumps -> 1 chest-to-ground
Mountain climbers
Frogger to push up
Donkey kicks

Store this killer 15-minute workout to your phone and commit to doing it a few times over the break – your body will thank you for it. Let me know what you think and have an A M A Z I N G holiday period.

Much love xx

p.s As I mentioned, this 15-minute workout is super high intensity – lots of jumping, impact, twisting and more. This is what will help you to burn the big calories, but it’s not ideal for anyone who hasn’t trained in a while, anyone carrying injuries, pregnant women… basically, if you’re concerned, run it by your doctor first!


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