Review of SKINS K-Proprium Tights

SkinsI’ve been a fan of SKINS compression gear for longer than I care to remember, mainly because thinking about it reminds me of exactly how old I am these days. Since my very first pair, I’ve loved what the brand stands for.  From championing LGBTI rights in sport in Australia, to highlighting the corruption of FIFA to increasing funding for anti-doping (including education at a grassroots level), SKINS is a brand that truly lives their vision – a world in which sport inspires society.

SKINS_KProprium_Specs_InfographicThe SKINS A400 range got a big tick from me 18 months ago, so suffice to say, when I was offered a pair of their latest tights to trial I was pretty interested. The K-Proprium compression tights merge SKINS’ premium compression technology with some strategically placed proprioceptive power bands, designed to fight fatigue and help you get the most out of your endurance training.

There’s lots of things to love about the tights. The 50+ UV protection is a huge tick for me. I love the waistband – it’s incredibly comfy and flattering too, and SKINS’ control body temperature really well, which is super important for endurance athletes.

As a person who is vertically challenged though, some of the technology of the K-Pros  is lost on me… the tights are significantly longer than my legs, which means the power bands don’t quite wrap my body like they are designed to. I think it would be a really positive step forward for them to start making multiple lengths (something I believe they do for the men’s A400 range).

The other thing I’m not so keen on is the level of transparency. According to the size guide I fall in the middle of the XS band, but personally I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing them in public without a little pair of shorts over the top. 

If you love SKINS, and you know they fit you well, then you’re going to love these tights. And if you haven’t worn the brand before or you’re feeling a bit unsure then my advice it to go into a store and try them on (and take an honest friend with you). Overall I love the technology behind the K-Pros, and I’m sure that plenty of athletes out there are going to love them. Unfortunately they’ve just slightly missed the mark for me this time.

Have you tried them? Let me know what you think, and have a fabulous week Team!

Jess xx

p.s Want to learn more about the K-Pros? Check them out here.

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