So I’m Jess – a personal trainer, group trainer, health and fitness blogger and copywriter (does that make me a quadruple threat?) based in Sydney.

I was a sporty kid, who became a sporty teen, who – as many teenagers do – developed an bit of an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. I started to think of foods as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and exercise was no longer enjoyable. As I got older, I decided to complete my Certificate III and IV in Fitness, with the hope that I could show other people how exercise could be used as a positive tool… something that could really enrich your life. Eventually (with some poking and prodding from friends and family) that led to Lazy Girl Fitness.

Why Lazy Girl Fitness?jess.lous
It probably won’t surprise you to know that this is a very common question. Sure, I’m not your typical lazy girl – in all honesty I love exercise and I REALLY love to move. But you know what? I appreciate that not everyone feels the same way. Through Lazy Girl Fitness I want to give people a positive association with exercise, make fitness and health accessible, and to break through any barriers – like lack of confidence, money, time and knowledge – that are preventing people from living their healthiest and happiest life.

jess.karnFive Fun Facts
1. I’m a true crazy dog lady… like the kind that stops to chat (yes, actually chat) to every dog that walks by. I have a ridiculously handsome rescue staffy named Lou who you’ll often find popping up here and across my social media.
2. I’m a huge believer in the ‘adopt don’t shop’ ethos. There are so many animals out there looking for homes that it seems crazy to me that people would go to a breeder (even reputable ones!) let alone a pet shop
3. To me, family is the most important thing in the world, and I’m super lucky to be very close to mine, including my parents, brother and sister-in-law and their baby, plus my number one human… wait for it – my allergic-to-dogs boyfriend (please re-visit fact one).
4. I have a sugar addiction. I fight it every day (and often I lose). It’s most menacing  form is Messina, if you’ve eaten it, you’ll know what I mean.
5. Being a personal trainer makes me truly happy. I have the best clients in the world and being there while they smash goals and work through big life changes is incredibly satisfying to me.

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Disclaimer: While I am a registered personal trainer, I’m not your personal trainer. Any exercise you undertake is done at your own risk and I highly recommend seeking medical advice before commencing any exercise program.


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