February 6-Week Challenge

** NEW CLIENTS: Sign up by Monday, January 30 & receive a free 1-on-1 PT session worth $75**

Days/Times: Monday, Wednesday & Friday @ 6am
Start Date: Monday 6th February, 2017
What is it? FUN (mix of bodyweight, boxing and strength/equipment workouts) with baseline fitness testing so we can track results!
What else? LGF singlet, free group Pilates class at once of Sydney’s best studios and prizes for best results!
Location: Waverley Park, Bondi
Cost: $325
Register your interest: 0438 725 262 or jess@lazygirlfitness.com.au

Small group training means lots of individual attention, but also limited space, so be quick!lineFAQs

Do I need to be fit to join?
No! This Challenge is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Everything can be modified (we had one amazing woman who trained right up to her ninth month of pregnancy last year!) and you should absolutely not be intimidated.
What results can I expect?
To me, fitness is about how you feel, rather than how you look, so there are no weigh-ins or measurements done as part of the Challenge. That said, if weight loss is important to you, I encourage you to take measurements and track your weight at home.
Do you do any testing?
We do strength and cardio testing at the beginning and end of each Challenge. Work hard and you can expect some big improvements.
What happens if I miss a class?
Unfortunately there are no refunds for missed sessions.
How many people will be in my group? This is small group training – not a large bootcamp style environment – and I’m committed to keeping group numbers low to ensure personalised attention.
What is the group like?
I can honestly say that I get the best clients! Women who are committed to fitness, but not obsessed with it. We love a good hard session, but we also love a wine. It’s what I like to call balance!

Contact me on 0438 725 262 or jess@lazygirlfitness.com.au for more details or to secure your space.


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    • Hey Kel!

      Bootcamp runs for 6 weeks (18 sessions in total), Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am (45-min sessions). Monday is bodyweight HIIT, WEdnesday is strength and Friday is boxing. Total cost is $300, which also includes a gift bag and weekly emails with recipes/workouts. Sessions are in Waverley Park. Let me know if there’s anything else you need x

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