Last-Minute City2Surf Tips

I don’t know how it happened, but the City2Surf is only five days away. Given that my preparation in 2016 has consisted mainly of eating croissants and ice cream in Paris and drinking hot coffee/chocolate/tea/anything-to-keep-warm in Iceland, I have a feeling this is not going to be the year I set a PB. In fact, for the first time in a long time, I’m mildly concerned about making it to the finish line with my body in one piece.

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EVENT ALERT: Runstrong Super Session this Saturday


lineIs it just me or is January disappearing frighteningly fast? I swear that it was New Year’s Eve last week, but my calendar tells me that it’s actually January 20th today (ahem, that’s seven days until my birthday if anyone is interested). The good news about this strange speedy-time phenomenon is that it’s time for me to head home and visit my family again, and this time I am bringing the boy along with me for the first time!. 

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So I’ve Done Something a Little Bit Stupid…

My inspiration...
If spidernan can do it…

So I think I’ve finally lost the plot. It started quite few months ago, when my very excellent (and very-new-at-the-time) boyfriend and I went on a rock-climbing date. And I loved it. Plus I think I wanted to impress him. It was some combination of the two at any rate. Fast forward a few months and I feel like I might have taken things too far though, because it would appear I’ve signed up to abseil down a 33-storey building (that’s 1 Market Street in the Sydney CBD), as part of Abseil for Youth, raising money for the Sir David Martin Foundation, with all proceeds going directly towards helping young people in crisis to overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

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Goal Setting + Gold Coast Airport Marathon


I’m nursing a bit of a hangover today guys. Worse than that, I’m sitting at Coolangatta Airport nursing a hangover. Not exactly the best place to be when you’re feeling like what you actually need is a cuddle, 5L of water and an extra 10 hours sleep. But hey, at least I’ve had an excellent weekend.

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The Lululemon Run Collective Seminar Series Hits Sydney


There are less than six weeks left until the City2Surf, aka the mostly hotly anticipated event on my sporting calendar. I’ve been running it since my second year at uni (which was longer ago than I care to remember) and I honestly do look forward to it more than is probably normal.

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Two More Sleeps – My Must-See Vitality Sessions


Oh boy, this seems to have come around so fast! Just two more sleeps until we open the doors on Sydney’s first ever Vitality Show and I can’t wait! It really is shaping up to be the definitive ladies’ day out, with pampering, nutrition, fun, retail therapy, champagne and – of course – FITNESS!

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The 2014 City2Surf

So a week has passed since the 2014 City2Surf and I’m finally getting around to putting together my wrap-up. Please excuse me if it’s a little disjointed, I am full of Sudafed and Armaforce in a bid to rid myself of this annoying flu that seems to have made a home in my body…

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