28-Day Upper Body Challenge – Done!

push up challenge
28 days.

960 push-ups.
960 supermans.
960 tricep dips.
7mins 30secs high to low plank.
4mins 10secs air punching.
1min 40secs plank row.

I told you that it was no ordinary push up challenge and look at that – YOU MADE IT! The LGF 28-Day Upper Body Challenge is officially complete.

Apologies for the delay in this post but if, like me, you’re finding it difficult to lift your arms to the keyboard and you feel like you’d rather stab yourself in the eye than do another push up then congratulations, the Challenge was a success!

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LGF Upper Body Challenge – Week 4

push up challenge

The end is nigh! Just five more ‘work’ days and you will be able to say that you completed the LGF 28-Day Upper Body Challenge. Or as I like to call it, Hell.

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LGF Upper Body Challenge – Week 3

Congratulations! You’re officially halfway through the challenge! By now you should be powering through those first few reps with perfect form, feeling stronger, happier and pretty damn proud of yourself!

push up challenge

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LGF Upper Body Challenge – Week 2

It’s Monday morning, which can only mean one thing….

Week 2 of the LGF 28-Day Upper Body Challenge starts today!


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LGF Upper Body Challenge – Week 1


Ever since I designed the first LGF Challenge back in August last year, I’ve had people messaging me asking when I would be putting together an upper body challenge. To be honest with you, I’ve been avoiding it a little bit because finding quality upper body exercises that you can do without equipment is hard, and I didn’t want this to be just another push up challenge.

But I’ve finally done it.

And now, in just four short weeks you will be feeling like a fitter, stronger, more defined version of yourself… how exciting is that?

The first seven days of the Challenge goes a little something like this:



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