Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Gift Guide for Him

OK so you’ve got all the lovely ladies in your life sorted for Christmas thanks to my spectacular 2016 Gift Guide for Her, but what about all the men-folk in your life? Surely these deserve something special this year as well! Well from workout gear to watches to wallets, from sunglasses to seriously cool overnight bags, I’ve got your back with my very special Gift Guide for Him. You’re welcome.

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5 Alternatives to Joining a Gym

Female friends running downhill through sunny meadow summer sport

This year, for the first time in many, many years, I’ve given up my big corporate gym membership. For me, it was more a safety blanket than anything else… my preference has always been to train outdoors, and/or in a smaller, more boutique environment. I bet there’s a lot of people out there in a similar position – holding onto a gym membership ‘just in case’ or because they really don’t know what the alternatives are. So today, in celebration of the termination of my long-standing contract, I’ve put together a list of five workout ideas that are excellent alternatives to a gym membership.

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How to Get Healthy in 31 Days

Bondi summer
Summer is officially just one month away, and if you’re anything like the average Aussie, that means right about now the panic will start to set in. Now as you know, I don’t believe in extreme dieting or getting ‘beach body ready’ – I try to be more focused on being healthy and happy. But I totally get that you want to kick off summer feeling as fit, healthy and strong as possible! That’s why I’ve put together my top five tips for anyone who wants to get healthy and take their training up a notch over the next 31 days.

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5 Reasons Being an Auntie is Good for Your Health


My brother has been one of my best friends for pretty much all my life (there was a short period there before he was born that he didn’t make the cut for obvious reasons) and I’ve always thought he was an excellent human. Over the years he’s been an ally, a shoulder to cry on, a drinking partner, a constant support and plenty more. Now not to take away from all of that, but in the past few months I’ve met someone who’s infinitely cooler than my brother. My brother’s son.

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6 Active Date Ideas

date ideas
When I first started seeing Karn, one of my favourite things was the adventure dates he would plan for us. It was such a nice change from the old meal or drinks-related date ideas (although we’ve had a lot of those too!) and a really great way to get to know each other outside of the ‘usual’ date situations. It was also an excellent way to test whether he was brave enough to tackle my overly-competitive nature. [side note: thankfully he was.]

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Last-Minute City2Surf Tips

I don’t know how it happened, but the City2Surf is only five days away. Given that my preparation in 2016 has consisted mainly of eating croissants and ice cream in Paris and drinking hot coffee/chocolate/tea/anything-to-keep-warm in Iceland, I have a feeling this is not going to be the year I set a PB. In fact, for the first time in a long time, I’m mildly concerned about making it to the finish line with my body in one piece.

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Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

Post-Holiday Blues
Glacier lagoon – Iceland

In case you missed my Instagram bragging, I’ve just come back from an incredible trip to Iceland and Paris. And when I say incredible, I mean I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E. Iceland is the most breathtaking country I could have ever imagined… actually scrap that, it’s far more than I even had the capacity to imagine. To give you a brief example, at one stage we were driving along the highway, with the ocean on one side, lava fields on the other, and a glacier behind the lava fields. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? And Paris, oh Paris [insert love heart eyes here] well I’d go back in a heartbeat to wander those cobblestone streets if I could.

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