50 Things to Be Happy About

Happiness is a funny thing. Sometimes it feels big. And sometimes it’s just a teensy tiny glow in your heart. Sometimes it’s expected. And sometimes it comes completely out of nowhere and you’ll find yourself randomly thanking your lucky stars for all the amazing things you have in your life.

But for all the good things we have, many of us still spend way too much time feeling unhappy. And when those less pleasant feelings hit us, it can be nice to remind ourselves of all the truly excellent things in our lives.

So on that note, here’s my (completely non-comprehensive) list of 50 things, sure to make even the grinchiest of happiness-grinches happy.

Karn_Jess1. Wet puppy noses
2. Getting a compliment from a loved one
3. A big glass of red wine
4. New gym clothes
5. Planning a holiday
6. Skipping
7. Sipping coffee at 5am while the rest of the world is still sleeping
8. Dessert
9. Going for a long walk with a friend
10. Trampolining
11. Spooning with your favourite person
12. Picnics
13. Fresh flowers
14. Half price Easter eggs in the week after Easter
15. Cat memes
16. Fresh pasta
17. Open fireplaces
18. Cheese
19. Sparkling mineral water
20. TED talks
21. Unlikely animal friends
Kafeine22. Love notes
23. Diving into the ocean
24. Dad’s advice
25. A tough workout
26. Brunch
27. The perfect cup of coffee
28. ‘Just because’ presents
29. Mum’s hugs
30. New Year’s Eve
31. Prawn sandwiches
32. Candlelight
33. Friendly baristas
34. Chocolate covered sultanas
35. Bonds trackies
36. Travelling to far-off places
37. Gurgling babies
38. Family
39. Getting stronger
40. Buying a new bedspread
Kate_Jess41. Tabata
42. Fresh sheets
43. A well-cooked steak
44. The smell of rain
45. FaceTime dates with family
46. The sound of laughter
47. Dancing alone in the living room
48. Scrabble
49. Mangoes
50. Going to bed early



Life is too short not to be happy… what’s on your list?

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Skyzone Alexandria aka My New Favourite Place


Easter egg hunts. Hide and seek. Marco Polo. Boiled eggs with toast soldiers. Tutus. Mum making dinner. Trampolining.

Seriously. We can’t keep letting kids have all the fun. Recently my 8-Week Challenge girls and I decided to make a stand and take back what is rightfully ours, with a trip to Skyzone in Alexandria. You think you know trampolining? You know nothing until you’ve been to this place.

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Oh HAI Adidas Pureboost X

during the adidas PUREBOOSTX Launch at Goat Island on February 2, 2016 in Sydney, Australia.
adidas PUREBOOST X Launch at Goat Island.

I love a new pair of shoes as much as the next girl, but I do have a few prerequisites. They’ve gotta be versatile enough to wear with different outfits for one, and a little pop of colour is always a winner. Oh and they need to be comfortable enough to get me through hours of bouncing around, obviously. Comfort is key.

OK, maybe I should be more specific: I love sneakers.

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AMRAP Workouts – So Bad They’re Good

AMRAP_LGFAMRAP. For some reason this acronym always reminds me of a sandwich. Probably because I spend a large portion of my life thinking about food. Unfortunately for us all though, AMRAP is nowhere near as delicious as my breaded friend. Quite the opposite… much better for you though.

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The 6 Health Apps on My Phone

app2Phone apps have seriously changed the world we live in. From connecting with friends, to ordering dinner, to shopping online, to taking better photos, to tracking flights, to wasting time… there’s an app for pretty much any situation you’re ever likely to encounter. But how do you know which apps are worth your time, and which ones you should steer clear of? Well, when it comes to health and fitness apps at least, I can help you out. I’ve downloaded and used a bunch of them in my time – both paid and free – and today I’m showcasing the six that are on highest rotation on my phone.

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Valentine’s Day Un-Baking – Raw Choc Cake

Raw Chocolate Cake

Whether you’re single, taken or at the gym, Valentine’s Day is a good excuse for one thing: chocolate. But if you’re staying strong on those New Year’s resolutions (go you!) and are looking for a healthier alternative to the regular store-bought stuff, this post is for you.  It’s a raw chocolate cake, developed by the team at Kamalaya Koh Samui, aka my dream holiday destination. I had them on the blog in 2015, talking meditation and sleep, but now we’re really into the important stuff: chocolate.

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EVENT ALERT: Runstrong Super Session this Saturday


lineIs it just me or is January disappearing frighteningly fast? I swear that it was New Year’s Eve last week, but my calendar tells me that it’s actually January 20th today (ahem, that’s seven days until my birthday if anyone is interested). The good news about this strange speedy-time phenomenon is that it’s time for me to head home and visit my family again, and this time I am bringing the boy along with me for the first time!. 

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