Goal Setting + Gold Coast Airport Marathon


I’m nursing a bit of a hangover today guys. Worse than that, I’m sitting at Coolangatta Airport nursing a hangover. Not exactly the best place to be when you’re feeling like what you actually need is a cuddle, 5L of water and an extra 10 hours sleep. But hey, at least I’ve had an excellent weekend. [Read more…]

The Lululemon Run Collective Seminar Series Hits Sydney


There are less than six weeks left until the City2Surf, aka the mostly hotly anticipated event on my sporting calendar. I’ve been running it since my second year at uni (which was longer ago than I care to remember) and I honestly do look forward to it more than is probably normal. [Read more…]

the HELLO MONDAY workout

hello monday
Monday…. again. Now I don’t know what kind of evil sorcery is at work here, but I’m pretty sure Mondays are rolling around faster and faster every week. This week it could have something to do with the fact that I had my ma in town visiting. Our weekend was pretty jam-packed…. mainly filled with eating and drinking, but I did force her to work out with me both days so I’m not feeling too guilty. Or guilty at all if I’m completely honest with you.  [Read more…]

The Ride to Conquer Cancer – Lara Witchard

Winning isn’t always about how many reps you can do, how fast you can run or how thoroughly you’re beating the person next to you. Sometimes the act of being able to compete at all is more than you imagined as a possibility.

Meet Lara Witchard. [Read more…]

Lower Body Burner

Lower Body.bodyweight.FB

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – there’s something very impressive about strong glutes and legs. Forget the thigh gap, because seriously what good does that actually do you in the real world? Wouldn’t you rather know that you can kick stuff? Run if you were being chased? Climb a 6-foot fence because you were locked out of your apartment? (yep, that happened this week). [Read more…]

Five Simple Tips for Boosting Your Immune System This Winter


Winter: love it or hate it (I’m definitely in the latter group) there’s no denying that it brings with it a raft of nasty illnesses. Boost your immune system and get through winter unscathed with a little help from these top tips from Rosemary Eddowes, Naturopathic Herbalist at the stunning Solar Springs Retreat in Bundanoon. [Read more…]

The Filthy Fifty Workout (bodyweight)

Oh my god this cold weather is KILLING ME. Over the weekend I finally (begrudgingly) acknowledged the fact that summer is over with a little winter-centric shopping spree… given my wardrobe up until now has pretty much consisted of singlets and shorts this was not so much an indulgence as a necessity though, and I can now say with a little more confidence that I think I’ll survive ’til spring. [Read more…]

Meditation for Beginners – Five Tips for Getting Started

image supplied by Kamalaya Wellness Retreat

image supplied by Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary

Meditation is one of those things that I’ve always put in the too-hard basket, alongside learning to sew a button and use my pressure cooker. But it turns out meditation is really not that difficult at all. Actually neither is the pressure cooker… but I’m still not great on the sewing a button front. [Read more…]

Trash Yourself Tuesday Workout

trash yourself tuesday

So you know how I did that post last Friday on Five Health Mistakes to Avoid This Weekend? Yeah I definitely made a few of them myself on the weekend. Irony is a bitch. So is wine when you drink too much of it. [Read more…]

Five Health Mistakes to Avoid this Weekend

(from omgfacts.com)

(image from omgfacts.com)

It’s almost the weekend. Which means it’s time to let your hair down, right? Right! Well, to a certain extent anyway. You know I’m a huge advocate of balance, but that doesn’t mean that now is the time to go out and attempt to break the world record for most damage you can do to your body in a single 48 hour period. [Read more…]


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