Five Reasons I Love Smoothies

[image supplied by Raw Blend]

Blueberry superfood smoothie [image supplied by Raw Blend]

It’s not exactly a secret that we tend to eat badly when we’re feeling tired, busy and stressed. So what should you do when that sugar craving hits and you just can’t fight it any longer? Just grab yourself a chocolate bar!

KIDDING (that would make me the worst personal trainer ever).

You whip up a smoothie of course! [Read more…]

Monday Morning Kickstart Workout

Monday morning kickstart

Mondays. It’s fair to say that not many people really truly love them. It’s kind of a shame really, because they offer so much; a fresh start, a clean slate, a whole week of opportunity! But I won’t go into that in too much detail because hearing that on Sunday night will probably make you want to hit me. [Read more…]

The Walk in Her Shoes Challenge for CARE Australia – Join or Sponsor Me!

Walk in her shoes1

It’s Friday, and for most people reading this, that means the end of another long week at work. Your feet hurt, right? And you’re tired. So tired. But imagine if you had to walk long distances every day, just to access food, water and healthcare for you and your family. And if that meant you had little time for education or paid work. [Read more…]

LGF 8-Week Challenge starts Monday March 16 – Details + Join Us

8-week challenge
Yep, that’s right. It’s almost time to kick off the next Lazy Girl Fitness Challenge! After some feedback I’ve decided to extend the Challenge to eight weeks – we noticed that everyone is really hitting their straps by week six, so another couple of weeks will see some (even more) impressive results. [Read more…]

Week Six Workout

Week 6 workout

So Monday rolls around again. Kinda like clockwork one might say. Actually EXACTLY like clockwork. Because it is clockwork.

Anyway. [Read more…]

30-Minute Skipping Workout

Super cute yet largely irrelevant meme. Tenuous boxer/boxing link is all I've got.

Super cute yet largely irrelevant meme. Tenuous boxer/boxing link is all I’ve got.

Skipping. It’s not something I’ve done a huge amount of since Jump Rope for Heart back in primary school. Well, that was the case until this past week or so anyway. A few friends and I from work are in the process of learning how to box properly (as opposed to the more boxing-for-fitness stuff I currently do with my groups). As part of that, our trainer (also a colleague) is making us do a lot of skipping, to help us become lighter on our feet. Can I just tell you, I had almost forgotten just how awesome skipping is. What a most excellent workout indeed! [Read more…]

Being Thankful


Do you ever just take a moment think about how lucky you are? I will readily admit that I don’t do it often enough. But I had this moment last week on my birthday, when I was just struck by the thought that I really am extraordinarily lucky. [Read more…]

Australia Day Workout

It’s the Australia Day long weekend here, and I am proud to say that so far I have been to Bondi Beach, run around the Harbour, eaten at a Matt Moran restaurant, drank hipster coffee and a slushie cocktail (not consecutively), had a hangover, been to Bunnings and gotten a Southern Cross tattoo. Now if that’s not the most gloriously Australian weekend I could have had then frankly, I give up. [Read more…]

(Another) Quick & Dirty Workout

IMG_8703Exercise. We’ve all gotta do it, right, but sometimes the idea of getting to the gym is about as appetising as swallowing a handful of super-hot chillies. I.e Not that appetising (unless you’re into that sort of thing). [Read more…]

Top Five Tips for Healthy Summer Skin


I love training outdoors for a thousand reasons, but there’s no denying a couple of minor annoyances. One is the weather (if anyone has Mother Nature’s contact details please let me know) and the other is the havoc it can wreak on my skin if I’m not careful. I’m guessing that many of you have had similar issues, so I spoke to Lisa Hody, Manager of Thaspa (my absolute fave spa in the Sydney CBD) to get her top five tips for ensuring our skin stays healthy when we’re training outdoors. If you’re in the area you should book yourself in for a treatment – you’ll walk out feeling a million bucks, I guarantee it. [Read more…]


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