Australia Day Workout

It’s the Australia Day long weekend here, and I am proud to say that so far I have been to Bondi Beach, run around the Harbour, eaten at a Matt Moran restaurant, drank hipster coffee and a slushie cocktail (not consecutively), had a hangover, been to Bunnings and gotten a Southern Cross tattoo. Now if that’s not the most gloriously Australian weekend I could have had then frankly, I give up. [Read more…]

(Another) Quick & Dirty Workout

IMG_8703Exercise. We’ve all gotta do it, right, but sometimes the idea of getting to the gym is about as appetising as swallowing a handful of super-hot chillies. I.e Not that appetising (unless you’re into that sort of thing). [Read more…]

Top Five Tips for Healthy Summer Skin


I love training outdoors for a thousand reasons, but there’s no denying a couple of minor annoyances. One is the weather (if anyone has Mother Nature’s contact details please let me know) and the other is the havoc it can wreak on my skin if I’m not careful. I’m guessing that many of you have had similar issues, so I spoke to Lisa Hody, Manager of Thaspa (my absolute fave spa in the Sydney CBD) to get her top five tips for ensuring our skin stays healthy when we’re training outdoors. If you’re in the area you should book yourself in for a treatment – you’ll walk out feeling a million bucks, I guarantee it. [Read more…]

2014 – My Year in Review



At the risk of sounding clichéd, I can’t believe how fast the year has gone… it seems like only weeks ago that I was sitting at home saying the same thing about 2013. This year has been less tumultuous than last, and for the most part I’m sure that’s a good thing. Sure, the high of my little brother’s wedding is something I’d happily take each year, but you can keep all the heartbreak thanks very much.

Overall – and at the risk of hitting you with another cliché – 2014 was about finding myself again. I wouldn’t say that it was necessarily intentional, I think it’s just what happens when you come out of a long term relationship… it can take months to figure out who you are as an individual again. But my god, when it happens – when your perspective changes and you stop feeling so lost – it’s pretty incredible. [Read more…]

I’m Home! (+ Advanced Workout 3)

Holy moly it is good to be home. Got here about mid-afternoon yesterday, hung with my very excellent
family and then went into my bedroom to unpack only to realise that I’ve made two fairly epic packing fails: 1. I left my laptop charger in Sydney and 2. I appear to have packed 7 gym tops, 6 gym bottoms and NOT A SINGLE PAIR OF REGULAR BOTTOMS. No shorts, no skirts, heck, not even a casual dress. What an idiot…

Anyway, this morning I got up at 5.30am and put on one of my 85 gym outfits, then Fraser and i did a (very painful) 7km run (note to self: alcohol is not conducive to PBs) and now Keat and I are heading to Yamba to buy some normal-person clothes and have breakfast. She’s driving, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to post my final pre-Christmas advanced workout… On my phone, given the laptop sitch.

It’s a bit of a doozy, I hope you enjoy it!

2 sleeps ’til Santa! Xxx

12 Days of Christmas Cumulative Workout – starts tomorrow

LGF_12 Days
Happy Friday Team!

The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on (YAY!) so starting tomorrow I’ll be posting a new mini workout each day. The workout is cumulative (just like the song), so by Day 12 – which also happens to be Christmas Eve – you’ll get a killer workout that’s sure to alleviate any pudding-associated guilt. [Read more…]

Advanced Workout 1


So we’re less than three weeks from Christmas, and – if you’re anything like me – that means you’re out a little more, drinking more, eating differently and just generally not in your usual routine. That’s ok though – you need to have a little fun in your life (or even a lot!), it just means you might need to work a little harder in the gym for the next couple of weeks to keep that balance.

From now until Christmas, I’m going to post an ‘advanced’ workout each Sunday night. That’s three workouts designed to challenge you, make you sweat and burn some of those pesky extra calories.

These workouts are not for beginners though, nope nope nope. So as always, consult your doctor if you’re unsure whether they are suitable for you.

Here’s number 1, give it a whirl and let me know what you think!


LGF 2015 Christmas Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! The countdown to Santa is ON and if you’re anything like me you’re starting to panic. Giving presents is in my top five favourite things to do, but it’s also probably in my top five most stressful. And because I don’t want everyone to go through the same anxiety that I do (every.single.year) I’ve put together a gift guide for the active gal. You know, gals like you and I!

Leave this open on your desktop, email it to your friends, partner, parents, all of the above. Just trust me, the products inside all have my seal of approval.

Lulu&Lipstick_giftguide [Read more…]

Get Fit for Summer? Get Fit for Life Baby!


So, summer is approximate 75 hours away and – damn it – you’ve left your 2013/14 New Year’s resolution to ‘get fit’ a little late… again. [Read more…]

‘Good’ vs ‘Bad’ Food

Them feels.

Them feels.

As you are probably aware by now, I haven’t always had a particularly balanced relationship with food. In fact, for a number of years throughout my late teens and early 20s you could go so far as to say it was decidedly fucked up. You know, if you were into dropping the f-bomb at random (which I am).

[Read more…]


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