The 2014 City2Surf

So a week has passed since the 2014 City2Surf and I’m finally getting around to putting together my wrap-up. Please excuse me if it’s a little disjointed, I am full of Sudafed and Armaforce in a bid to rid myself of this annoying flu that seems to have made a home in my body… [Read more...]

Workout Wednesday – Leg & Butt Burner

I think I have just had my slackest week on the blog since LGF started. [Read more...]

Six Push Up Variations

A couple of weeks ago I gave you a push up tutorial, going through the basics of the standing, knee and toe push ups. Since then I’m sure you have been practicing nightly (right? RIGHT?) and will soon be ready to take on some more complex versions.

This week I’ve got six particularly fun variations for you to try. All will challenge you, some may try to break you. Don’t let them – you got this. [Read more...]

Things I Am Thankful For

Us humans are funny creatures. So many of us seem programmed to look on the negative side of things… to see the grey cloud instead of the silver lining, the rain rather than the rainbow. I know I’ve been guilty of this on many an occasion (lord knows how many times my Dad has told me to stop seeing the glass as half empty!) but something has changed within me recently, and I am really finding myself feeling joyful at the most unexpected of moments. So much so that I’ve decided to put together a list of the things I am grateful for. [Read more...]

Win Two Tickets to Stadium Stomp Sydney


If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll no doubt be aware of my deep love for stair running. Great for the heart and lungs (not to mention your butt and legs) stairs are a secret weapon in the quest for higher levels of fitness. [Read more...]

Push Up Tutorial

Pushup_progression.lgfPush ups. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you know they’re good for you. Personally I think they’re an underrated exercise – a good push up works plenty of muscle groups, including the chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps and core. They’re a tough exercise, and not many people really do them well. But let me tell you a little secret – the best way to get better at push ups is to do more push ups! [Read more...]

Wrap Up of the LGF 28-Day Upper Body Challenge

28 days.
960 push-ups.
960 supermans.
960 tricep dips.
7mins 30secs high to low plank.
4mins 10secs air punching.
1min 40secs plank row.

YOU MADE IT! The LGF 28-Day Upper Body Challenge is officially complete.

Print this off and pin it to the mirror in your bedroom!

Print this off and pin it to the mirror in your bedroom!

Apologies for the delay in this post but if, like me, you’re finding it difficult to lift your arms to the keyboard and you feel like you’d rather stab yourself in the eye than do another push up then congratulations, the Challenge was a success! [Read more...]

LGF Upper Body Challenge – Week 4


The end is nigh! Just five more ‘work’ days and you will be able to say that you completed the LGF 28-Day Upper Body Challenge. Or as I like to call it, Hell.

[Read more...]

Partner Workout – Bodyweight & Boxing


During the week, finding the time to work out can be tough. I’m generally up before 6am, but between walking Lou, full-time work, PT sessions, netball and attempting to have a social life, from Monday to Friday my workouts tend to be the hard and fast ones I can fit in my lunch break. By the time Saturday rolls around I am super excited to be able to plan a workout for myself that’s longer than 30 minutes, plus I get to train near the beach and – the most exciting part of all – I get to work out with a partner! [Read more...]

LGF Upper Body Challenge – Week 3

Congratulations! You’re officially halfway through the challenge! By now you should be powering through those first few reps with perfect form, feeling stronger, happier and pretty damn proud of yourself! [Read more...]


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